Rattle – Battle – Settle – Part 1

As I recollect from my memory stretch, this little fantasy of staying independent nibbled over my mind ever since I entered Grade 5. The time when folks would tell their kids that “If you don’t be good, you go straight to the hostel avenue”, I would be telling them “Please admit me in some hill hostel to experience a self-ruling life”. Hearing which my mum would start an emotional saga – that my “jiggar ka tukda” can’t eat that messy mess food and nor could clean her clothes!

So here I am a 24-year-old (alright stop being nosy – almost 25) who has never really hopped out of parent’s house just until the beginning of this year. Let’s rewind a little and let me give you a background how I ended up convincing my folks. A canonical series of events that took place before I bagged the final “YES” –

Day 1 – Irked with the current job and with full motivation – updated the resume which made me look good to the employers and applied for couple of companies on our very own flooding job portals

Day 3 – Cosmos favored me to get a call from one of the companies I applied (Mumbai based). Here, after an array of interviews, I get to the final level of negotiations. (P.S. :- This continues for a month)

Day 4 – Cosmos being unduly pleased, get me another call from a company based in Pune, to which I applied to the previous night. My tiny smart brain beams through the interview and not so polite interviewer asks me to wait for a call back. Also, my fantasy of staying independent starts to resurface.

Day 30 – This is exactly the day when discord kicked in – At 12 noon I received a call from Company 1 and an  hour later Company 2 called! Wait for it , Co. 2 provides me with a higher package while Co.1 gives me travel (something I would kill for!)

Day 37 to Day 45 – My father asked me to make a list of pros and cons of the companies which somehow had Co.1 at a winning stage. Though travel is what really lured me, the idea of being all by myself outweighed in my mind. Thus, in order to get the Co.2 to triumph, I made vows such as I will learn to cook, learn to clean, stop being messy, for each con to be written off!

With the positives, negatives and lot of promises, my parents were halfheartedly convinced! and Well mommy dearest is still running the emotional saga in the background, which to me is an unsolvable maze.

Day 46 – I bag the earnest acceptance of Pune Company!

“All that starts with a dilemma continues to keep you engaged all through out!” – Look out for the next post to unveil the turbulent part of being ‘Self-Ruling’ !!

IMG_0127.JPG– By Devisha Shah


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